Sermon Reflection Questions – 03.24.19

When faced with trials, are you more of a faithless grumbler or a faithful complainer? Are your trials in the circumstances themselves or your heart’s response to circumstances? What makes unbelief so dangerous? Who are people in your life who exhort you and keep you accountable? When is the last time you thanked them? Who […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 03.17.19

What about Moses made him an appealing leader? Who are some of your heroes of the faith and what attracts you to them? How is Jesus better than all of these people? Who built Uptown Church? Who is at work leading Uptown Church? How can you spend more time focusing on the glory of Jesus, […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 03.10.19

Why does it matter that Jesus took on flesh and blood to be like us in every way? Why is it important that Jesus is both God and man? How is it a comfort that Jesus sympathizes in our weaknesses? Next time you are tempted to sin, what step will you take to remind yourself […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 03.03.19

Why do we struggle to trust the Father in trials? How did Jesus respond to suffering? How can we move toward responding in a similar way? What did Jesus’ suffering do for those who trust in him? How can we trust the Father more knowing that we are adopted sons through Christ? What have you […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 02.24.19

How did Christ receive glory by becoming lower than the angels? According to the author of Hebrews, who is the subject of Psalm 8? In what condition did God create humans? Into what condition did we fall? What does Christ do to restore us?

Sermon Reflection Questions – 02.17.19

What does it mean to drift away from Jesus? How does this happen? Why would a loving God discipline those who drift away from Him? Have you been drifting from Jesus? In what ways? How can you turn to zealously follow him again?

Sermon Reflection Questions – 02.10.19

How is Jesus better than the angels? How does one bolster their confidence in Christ? What can you do to put even more trust in Jesus? Where is Jesus right now? What is he doing there? Why is this comforting?

Sermon Reflection Questions – 02.03.18

How is Jesus’ speaking different than God speaking through the prophets before Jesus? How is Jesus’ speaking better? Why should we listen to him? How are we to listen to Jesus? How are you doing at listening to him? Read Hebrews 1:1-4 again. What things does this passage explicitly and implicitly tell us about Jesus? […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 01.27.19

How can you personally give yourself to reproducing healthy churches? Why should you do this? What is Jesus asking His disciples to do in Matthew 28? What elements are essential to doing the Great Commission? There are a lot of really good churches in Charlotte. Does that mean the Great Commission is accomplished here? Why […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 01.20.19

1. Why does God want His people to be a helping neighbor? 2. What does God promise to those who give? What Bible verses support this? 3. How has God blessed you to be a blessing to others? How might you help others generously?

Sermon Reflection Questions – 01.13.19

What does it mean to be a loving witness? How do nonbelievers call upon Jesus to be saved? Who are three people you can be a loving witness to this week?

Sermon Reflection Questions – 12.30.18

How does the hope of glory help in your current struggles in a fallen world? What steps can you take in order to rest assured that death no longer has victory over you? Are there any aspects of our glorification that you better understand now? How do these encourage you to glorify God and eagerly […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, January 31, 2016

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, January 31, 2016

 Compromise sounds like a humble thing in the eyes of the world. And in many circumstances it is an honorable thing to do such as in marital conflict. However, what the world does not understand is the faithfulness of Christians to the Lord Jesus Christ and their unwillingness to compromise. The bumper sticker ‘coexist’ is a good summary […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, June 14, 2015

Injustice is a reality that we live with. It is part of the consequence of the fall. Yet we can not eradicate the image of God in us. Despite the injustice that we experience and that we may even bring upon others we yearn for justice to be realized. This is why gang members during the Baltimore riots this […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, May 15, 2015

When you fear where do you turn? Where do you look for help? In the text this week we see David fleeing from his enemies because they are after him to kill him, namely Saul. The Lord protects him in many ways. When we fear we often feel alone and far from God. God shows us […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, October 19, 2014

“Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” ~ John Piper “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”  ~ Abraham Kuyper “Why is it that some Christians cross […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, October 5, 2014

The athlete and the movie star are two of the biggest types of icons in the last 50-100 years of American history. So much so that the people who are the best at what they do in these respective areas are solely known by what they do. We may know nothing about Lebron James except that he […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, September 28th, 2014

When we first get married I doubt that most of us think of the relationship we will have with our in-laws and yet it inevitably becomes one of the most important relationships that we deal with in our marriage. There are married couples who have bitter conflicts with their in-laws and there are couples who have harmonious […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, September 21, 2014

“I heard that when white folks go fishin they do somethin called ‘catch and release.’ Catch and release? I nodded solemnly, suddenly nervous and curious at the same time. ‘That really bothers me’, Denver went on. ‘I just can’t figure it out. ‘Cause when colored folks go fishin, we really proud of what we catch, and we […]

Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, September 14th, 2014

My parents told me that I often ignored their instruction at an early age. If they told me to not put my finger in a light socket I would attempt to do just that. I can remember early on my mom had just put on the stove top to get a pot of water to a boil […]