Why the PCA? What makes our denomination and our church so distinctive?

Teachers: Dave Latham, Tom Queen

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

The landscape of Christianity in America is confusing. With the vast array of different denominations and interpretations of the Scripture, how does the PCA fit into the larger picture? How and why did the PCA come into existence? What makes our denomination (and our church) so distinctive? How does the PCA function and how is it reaching out to the world around us? If you are new to Uptown or the PCA (or if you need a refresher course), join us for this study over the summer.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180701 History of the PCA MP3 PDF Dave Latham
20180708 Faithful to the Scriptures MP3 PDF Dave Latham
20180715 True to The Reformed Faith MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20180722 Obedient to the Great Commission MP3 PDF Braden Benson
20180729 Salvation MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20180805 The Marks of the Church and the Means of Grace PDF Dave Latham
20180812 The Guiding Documents MP3 PDF Mark Skylling
20180819 Accountability and Polity MP3 PDF Aaron Harding
20180826 Ongoing Influence MP3 Dave Latham