The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Teachers: Craig Paddock, Adam Dyer, Chad Kraska

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

Words such as “let not your heart be troubled” and “I am with you always” have long been treasured by Christians, as they immediately resonate with us and are easily understood. But what about plucking your eye out or being eunuchs for Christ’s sake or casting fire on earth? These too are words of Jesus, spoken as well for our good. In this class, we will be looking at some of these hard sayings of Jesus, which provide words to live by but also give us deep insight into the heart of our Lord.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180506 Introduction MP3 PDF Craig Paddock
20180513 Bread of Life MP3 PDF Adam Dyer
20180520 God and Money MP3 PDF Adam Dyer
20180527 Faith MP3 PDF Adam Dyer
20180603 Keeping the Sabbath MP3 PDF Craig Paddock
20180610 Until the Law is Accomplished MP3 PDF Chad Kraska
20180617 Render to Caesar MP3 PDF Craig Paddock
20180624 Love Your Enemies MP3 PDF Chad Kraska