Rethinking Hospitality: Offering our Meals, Homes, Neighborhoods, and Church for the Glory of God

Teachers: Dave Kulp, Forde Britt, Mark Skylling, Chris Van Roekel

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

Hospitality is much more than just dinner parties and event planning, but what is hospitality? This class will not only seek to answer that question but will also address other foundational topics like the heart of hospitality and the cost of hospitality. We will also address a number of practical aspects of hospitality including using meals, homes, neighborhoods and our church community for the glory of God. We trust that God will convict us all and will use this time to call us out of our comfortable schedules and into the lives of others through what Rosaria Butterfield calls “Radical Hospitality.”

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180909 What is Hospitality? MP3 PDF Dave Kulp
20180923 The Cost and Heart of Hospitality MP3 PDF Mark Skylling & Chris Van Roekel
20180930 Meals and Hospitality MP3 PDF Dave Kulp
20181007 Neighbors MP3 Forde Britt
20181014 Home MP3 PDF Mark Skylling
20181021 The Church MP3 PDF Forde Britt
20181028 The Hope of Hospitality MP3 PDF Chris Van Roekel