Questions God Asks

Teachers: Ryan Bowen, Andrew Holmes, Drew Harris

Location: 3rd Floor Boardroom

Time: 9:15

We all want to ask questions to God, but have you ever considered why God asks questions of his people? Does He not already know the answers? Should we answer those questions or then again, like Job, should we simply cover our mouths? In this class, we will look at the questions God asks his people in an attempt to better understand what our God wants us to know about Himself and ourselves. We will consider such questions as God asking Adam and Eve, “Where are you?”, looking at the context of each question to understand its intent and application to our lives.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180701 Where are you? MP3 PDF Ryan Bowen
20180708 What is this you have done? MP3 PDF Andrew Holmes
20180715 Where were you? MP3 PDF Drew Harris
20180722 Why do you call me good? MP3 PDF Andrew Holmes
20180729 Who Do You Say I Am? MP3 PDF Ryan Bowen
20180805 Have I come to give Peace? pt.1 MP3 PDF Drew Harris
20180805 Have I come to give peace? pt.2 MP3 Drew Harris
20180812 Why Do You Call Me Lord Lord? MP3 PDF Andrew Holmes
20180819 What will it profit a man? MP3 PDF Ryan Bowen
20180826 Do you want to go away as well? MP3 PDF Drew Harris