Parenting U

Teachers: Jim and Chris Vaughn & Tom and Angela Queen

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

Although being a parent is an amazing blessing it can also be an overwhelming challenge. How do we discipline our children appropriately? What does it look like to teach and shepherd them? How do we help them understand how to behave and participate in Sunday worship? And what role do Christian families play in being a witness for Christ? This class will explore the biblical teachings about parenting and will also offer practical steps about dealing with day to day parenting issues. If you want to grow in your understanding of your role as a parent, then come join us for this important Sunday School class.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20170917 Motivations, Focus, Balance MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20171001 Parent as Teacher MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20171008 How to Raise Our Children Biblically PDF Jim Vaughn
20171015 Discipline MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20171029 Encourager, Evangelist, Prayer Warrior MP3 PDF Tom Queen