MythBusters: Battling the Most Common Misunderstandings and Caricatures of Christianity and the Bible

Teachers: Mike Kruger, Tom Queen

Location: 3rd Floor Boardroom

Time: 9:15

Living in a post-Christian world means that more and more people simply don’t know what Christians really believe or what they are really like. Misperception and mistakes about Christianity abound on the internet, social media, and in common culture. This class will challenge some of the most common myths, helping us respond more effectively to the critiques and challenges of an ever-more-hostile world.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180909 Myths about Scripture MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20180923 Myths About The Origin of The NT MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20180930 Myths About Jesus MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20181007 Myths about Jesus PDF Drew Harris
20181014 Myths about Christian beliefs MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20181021 Myths and Misconceptions about Reformed Theology MP3 PDF Tom Queen
20181028 Misconceptions about Christians MP3 PDF Tom Queen