Knowing God: A Study of His Attributes and Nature

Teachers: Forde Britt, Chris VanRoekel, Mark Skylling, Will Brisley

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

Who is God? What is His character? How has He revealed Himself to us through His Word, and what has He invited us into based on His nature? Join us as we study the gloriously diverse attributes of our great and mighty God, and how these impact all areas of our lives as His followers.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180311 Introduction MP3 Forde Britt
20180318 God's Love MP3 PDF Mark Skylling
20180325 Justice and Mercy MP3 PDF Will Brisley
20180401 God's Holiness MP3 Chris Van Roekel
20180408 God's Wisdom MP3 PDF Mark Skylling
20180415 God's Sovereignty MP3 PDF Will Brisley
20180422 Delight MP3 Forde Britt
20180429 Grace MP3 PDF Chris Van Roekel