In The Fullness of Time: An Advent Story

Teachers: Jon Levy, Derek Rogers, Craig Paddock

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15

Angels announced it. A king and his advisors were perplexed by it. Wise men and simple shepherds were compelled to worship because of it. Even his own mother had a hard time believing that she would give birth to a savior. The birth of Jesus was an event unparalleled in human experience. This class will explore the history and theology of the greatest miracle ever: God the Son taking on flesh to save his people from their sins. Join us as we study the incarnation and birth of Jesus and are reminded of the wonder of Christmas.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20181104 The Hinge of Redemptive History MP3 PDF Derek Rogers
20181111 The Virgin Birth MP3 PDF Craig Paddock
20181119 Prophecies Fulfilled MP3 PDF Jon Levy
20181125 First Days of Jesus MP3 PDF Derek Rogers
20181202 Two Births MP3 PDF Craig Paddock
20181216 In the Fullness of Time: An Advent Story MP3 Jon Levy
20191223 Advent Sunday Special MP3 Jon Levy