Identity Theft

Teachers: Melissa Kruger and Various Teachers

Location: 3rd Floor Boardroom

Time: 9:15 a.m.

Who Am I? It’s a question we all ask ourselves at some point. We may focus our identity on our job performance, marital status, personality type, or social network. However, there’s a larger, more important question to consider: Who does the Bible tell me I am in Christ? This women’s Sunday school class will explore what the Bible teaches about our identity in Christ and how that shapes how we understand ourselves and the world around us.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20190303 Identity Theft Intro Class MP3 Angela Queen and Various Teachers
20190317 Identity Theft: Freedom MP3 Angela Queen
20190324 Identity Theft: Child & Saint MP3 PDF Mary Kulp
20190331 Identity Theft: Fruitful MP3 PDF Ginni Fischer
20190407 Identity Theft: Member - connected to the Church MP3 PDF Kristen MaCurda
20190414 Identity Theft: Beautiful - Clothed in Splendor MP3 PDF Winfree Brisley
20190421 Identity Theft: Servant MP3 PDF Ginni Fischer
20190428 Identity Theft: Worshiper & Citizen MP3 PDF Jessica Britt