How To Teach The Bible

Teachers: Mike Kruger

Location: 3rd Floor Boardroom

Time: 9:15

This class is designed to train both men and women at Uptown church how to more effectively teach God’s Word. It will cover topics including: Bible study tools and resources, basic hermeneutical principles, how to analyze a text, how to prepare a lesson, and principles and methodology of teaching. The class would be ideal for current leaders/teachers at Uptown Church but is also open to anyone with an interest in becoming a more effective teacher.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20171105 Preparation of the Teacher MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20171112 Basic Principles of Hermeneutics MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20171119 Tools for Preparing MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20171126 Bible Study Prep MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20171203 Structure and Outline MP3 PDF Mike Kruger
20171210 Structure and Outline part 2 MP3 PDF Mike Kruger