Christians in the Workplace

Teachers: Tom Ellis, Grae Garrison, Derek Rogers, Jason Bernd

Location: Resource Center

Time: 9:15 a.m.

Ever wonder what a business would like if it were run from the executive committee to front lines based on the gospel? Is business intrinsically good, or at best morally neutral? Do we just endure it so we can get to other, more ‘worthwhile’ ministries? Please join us as we answer these questions by challenging believers to think about their business through the lens of the gospel, and in the process transform their employees, customers, and investors for the increase of the glory of God.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20190901 Class intro: Biblical Context for Business MP3 PDF Derek Rogers
20190908 Your Work is Calling MP3 PDF Grae Garrison
20190915 Leadership MP3 PDF Tom Ellis
20190922 Business as Mission MP3 Grae Garrison
20190929 Leadership MP3 PDF Derek Rogers
20191006 Show me the Money MP3 PDF Jason Bernd
20191013 Calling: Part 2 PDF Grae Garrison
20191020 Transformed Relationships MP3 PDF Jason Bernd
20191027 Getting Outside the World's View MP3 PDF Tom Ellis