An Adopting Church: Addressing The Orphan Crisis One Family at a Time

Teachers: Dave Kulp and More

Location: 3rd Floor Boardroom

Time: 9:15

Based on the latest estimations from UNICEF, there are currently 26 million orphans in the world. What an overwhelming number! Although scripture calls all Christians to care for orphans, what role does the church play in the orphan crisis? How does every family accept that call? This class is designed for those that are considering adoption, those that have adopted and those that do not feel called to adopt but want to figure out what their role looks like. Come hear more on the following topics: the theology of adoption, discerning a call to adopt, the practical aspects of pursuing adoption, the blessings and challenges of adoption, and the role of the church in addressing the orphan crisis. There will also be two panel discussions: one with families who have adopted and one with people who were adopted. Come join us to hear how our spiritual adoption shapes how we think about adoption.

DateTitleAudio FileHandoutTeacher
20180107 Theology of Adoption MP3 PDF Dave Kulp
20180114 The Call of Adoption MP3 PDF Rob Bryan
20180121 I feel the what? MP3 PDF Dave Kulp
20180128 Panel Discussion MP3 Dave Kulp
20180218 The Role of the Church MP3 PDF Adam Dyer