Why the PCA? What makes our denomination and our church so distinctive?

Teachers: Dave Latham, Tom Queen

Class Period: July/August

The landscape of Christianity in America is confusing. With the vast array of different denominations and interpretations of the Scripture, how does the PCA fit into the larger picture? How and why did the PCA come into existence? What makes our denomination (and our church) so distinctive? How does the PCA function and how is it reaching out to the world around us? If you are new to Uptown or the PCA (or if you need a refresher course), join us for this study over the summer.

Questions God Asks

Teachers: Ryan Bowen, Andrew Holmes, Drew Harris

Class Period: July/August

We all want to ask questions to God, but have you ever considered why God asks questions of his people? Does He not already know the answers? Should we answer those questions or then again, like Job, should we simply cover our mouths? In this class, we will look at the questions God asks his people in an attempt to better understand what our God wants us to know about Himself and ourselves. We will consider such questions as God asking Adam and Eve, “Where are you?”, looking at the context of each question to understand its intent and application to our lives.

Destroyer of the gods: What Made Christians Strange and Peculiar in the Eyes of the Ancient World (and the Modern One)

Teachers: Mike Kruger

Class Period: May/June

As a Christian in the modern world, do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? Ever feel like the world views you as odd, peculiar, or maybe even as a threat? Well, that is how Christians were viewed in the ancient world. This Sunday School class will explore the early Christian movement in the second and third centuries and how they interacted with their surrounding culture. The way ancient Christians experienced persecution, false accusations, philosophical attacks, and social ostracization can teach us a lot about how to live in our world today.

The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Teachers: Craig Paddock, Adam Dyer, Chad Kraska

Class Period: May/June

Words such as “let not your heart be troubled” and “I am with you always” have long been treasured by Christians, as they immediately resonate with us and are easily understood. But what about plucking your eye out or being eunuchs for Christ’s sake or casting fire on earth? These too are words of Jesus, spoken as well for our good. In this class, we will be looking at some of these hard sayings of Jesus, which provide words to live by but also give us deep insight into the heart of our Lord.

Finding Rest In Jesus – Men’s Retreat 2018

Teachers: Tom Hawkes

Class Period: March 2018

The theme of the 2018 Men’s retreat was “Connected to Christ: Finding Rest in Jesus.” Friday night we considered why we are so tired and what keeps us from connecting with Christ. Saturday we spent most of the morning individually connecting with Christ devotionally, and the afternoon we connected with one another.

It is our hope that you headed home more rested than you came, and equipped to continually seek rest through connecting with Christ. This was the main session taught by Senior Pastor Tom Hawkes, along with the devotional guide that was used for a 2-hour personal devotion.

In All Things: A Study of The Book of Philippians

Teachers: Melissa Kruger and more

Class Period: March/April

The book of Philippians is an invitation to joy, written by an imprisoned apostle Paul to believers in the early church. His refrain throughout the letter is “Rejoice!” His joy is unshakeable. His peace is secure. His hope abounds. But how did he find profound contentment in the midst of such difficult circumstances? That’s the question we’ll consider as we spend 8 weeks working through Philippians using the devotional study guide, “In All Things.”

Knowing God: A Study of His Attributes and Nature

Teachers: Forde Britt, Chris VanRoekel, Mark Skylling, Will Brisley

Class Period: March/April

Who is God? What is His character? How has He revealed Himself to us through His Word, and what has He invited us into based on His nature? Join us as we study the gloriously diverse attributes of our great and mighty God, and how these impact all areas of our lives as His followers.

New Hope For A New Year: Leaning on Jesus for Lasting Change

Teachers: Dave Latham and More

Class Period: January/February

Let’s face it; beginning a new year is exhausting. We make new year’s resolutions that will help us eat more healthy, workout more, make more money, take more vacations, spend more time with friends, but by the time February comes around we are right back where we started. What does it look like to make a lasting heart change that helps us get more involved in the life of the church and to become more like Christ? This class will strive to provide a new hope for a new year by addressing areas of our lives that we need more than a resolution, but a Savior that can provide the true life and strength.

An Adopting Church: Addressing The Orphan Crisis One Family at a Time

Teachers: Dave Kulp and More

Class Period: January/February

Based on the latest estimations from UNICEF, there are currently 26 million orphans in the world. What an overwhelming number! Although scripture calls all Christians to care for orphans, what role does the church play in the orphan crisis? How does every family accept that call? This class is designed for those that are considering adoption, those that have adopted and those that do not feel called to adopt but want to figure out what their role looks like. Come hear more on the following topics: the theology of adoption, discerning a call to adopt, the practical aspects of pursuing adoption, the blessings and challenges of adoption, and the role of the church in addressing the orphan crisis. There will also be two panel discussions: one with families who have adopted and one with people who were adopted. Come join us to hear how our spiritual adoption shapes how we think about adoption.

New Spirituality or Old Time Religion: Where does the Church fit in?

Teachers: Forde Britt, Mark Skyling, Dave Kulp

Class Period: November/December

We hear many grave predictions about the demise of the Church; are those accurate? Are they right? Is Church optional? What is my responsibility? Come explore these questions with us as we wrestle with the current relevancy of God’s chief means of Kingdom expansion.

How To Teach The Bible

Teachers: Mike Kruger

Class Period: November/December

This class is designed to train both men and women at Uptown church how to more effectively teach God’s Word. It will cover topics including: Bible study tools and resources, basic hermeneutical principles, how to analyze a text, how to prepare a lesson, and principles and methodology of teaching. The class would be ideal for current leaders/teachers at Uptown Church but is also open to anyone with an interest in becoming a more effective teacher.

Reformation 500: Celebrating Our Protestant Heritage

Teachers: Mike Kruger, Dave Latham, Bill Macurda

Class Period: September/October

This coming October 31st will be the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous nailing of 95 these to the Wittenberg door. In order to acknowledge and celebrate this important milestone, this Sunday school class will explore how and why the Reformation occurred. In addition to exploring the lives of the key Reformers, we will also engage with the foundational doctrines they defended in the face of much opposition from the Roman Catholic church.

Parenting U

Teachers: Jim and Chris Vaughn & Tom and Angela Queen

Class Period: September/October

Although being a parent is an amazing blessing it can also be an overwhelming challenge. How do we discipline our children appropriately? What does it look like to teach and shepherd them? How do we help them understand how to behave and participate in Sunday worship? And what role do Christian families play in being a witness for Christ? This class will explore the biblical teachings about parenting and will also offer practical steps about dealing with day to day parenting issues. If you want to grow in your understanding of your role as a parent, then come join us for this important Sunday School class.

Rediscovering Wonder, Beauty, and Rest

Teachers: Dave Latham

Class Period: September 3, 2017

Artist Makato Fujimura said, “Perhaps the greatest thing that we can do as a Christian community is to behold. Behold our God… behold His Creation…” Why does our world still need artists, musicians, storytellers, and poets? When was the last time you stopped to behold God’s creation and appreciate beauty around you? When was the last time you purposefully wasted time just for the sheer joy of it? In this special one-Sunday class, we will explore God’s command for us to rest and “Behold” and the blessings that accompany it.

The Worlds of Lewis and Tolkien: Christian Imagery in Narnia and Middle Earth

Teachers: Mike Kruger and Others

Class Period: July/August

For generations, the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired millions of people to use their imaginations in fresh and exciting ways. But each of these authors, at their core, were committed Christians who sought to honor God with their writings. This class will explore the writings of these two authors-particularly The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings – and will examine the many ways that Christ and Christianity are represented and illumined. Don’t miss this Sunday School class and a chance to dive more deeply into these wonderful works.

Shadows: Engaging Culture in a Sinful World

Teachers: Ryan Bowen & Chris Van Roekel

Class Period: July/August

When it comes to this world, the Bible seems clear – it won’t endure, don’t become too attached. But what exactly does that mean? What parts can we enjoy, and what must we put aside? Join us for this 9-week series as we examine several key passages of Scripture that deal with culture and worldliness, and how these relate to the aspects of culture with which we most often struggle – Work, Relationships, Finances, and Church. Our goal is to answer the question: “How can we live in God’s good creation while resisting the temptation to make it our ultimate hope?”

Elation and Desperation: Why Psalms is a Book We Can All Identify With

Teachers: Dave Kulp, Tom Ellis, Jason Bernd, Forde Britt

Class Period: May/June

Where do I go when I feel overwhelmed by emotion? Is it ok to approach God with my raw feelings? Too often the answers to these questions do not lead us to the Lord, but the Psalms show us that is exactly where we should go. Join us as we study a number of Psalms and prayerfully ask God to interact with us, with ALL our emotions.

God Made Them Male and Female: Exploring and Engaging our Culture on Gender Identity

Teachers: Mike Kruger and Tom Queen

Class Period: May/June

In every age, the church faces an issue that threatens and tests her faithfulness to God and His revealed will. In our present time, we are pressed and threatened to conform to the world’s current understanding of gender and sexual identity. How should we respond? What does faithful expression of gender identity and role look like in our homes and churches? Join us as we explore together these important issues over the next eight weeks.

Expanding The Kingdom: The Purpose of Church Planting

Teachers: Dean Faulkner

Class Period: March/April 2017

Are you curious about church planting? Do you want to explore living on the cutting edge of faith in mission? Do you want to learn practical ways to share your faith and serve in a mission? The curious and the called are encouraged to join the Ballantyne Mission plant class where we will look at the mission of Christ in the Gospels and Acts. We will also spend time being equipped to do ministry together in things like: evangelism, prayer, spiritual gift discernment, and vision of the church plant. Come and see how God is working in Uptown’s next plant.

Restoring The Joy of Your Salvation (Men’s Class)

Teachers: Bill Macurda and Craig Paddock

Class Period: March/April 2017

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions spiritually? Does growing in your faith get lost somewhere in the long list of excelling at work, leading and serving your family, spending time with friends, dating, exercising more, watching sports, enjoying a few hobbies, saving more money, serving the church, paying the bills, etc. Is spending more time with Jesus just another task you approach with a project management mindset? Are you more comfortable with a spreadsheet than God’s word? Do you identify with David when he says “restore to me the joy of my salvation”, but you have no idea where to start with that? Join us in this Men’s Sunday School class as we study how to re-kindle the joy of our salvation and delight once again in our Savior Jesus Christ.