Missional Living: Life Truly to the Full

Teachers: Mark Skylling, Chris Van Roekel, Forde Britt, Adam Dyer

Class Period: May/June

The Great Commission calls us to go and make disciples and Jesus also says that he came that we might have life abundantly. How do we actually go about accomplishing these aspirational elements of our life as Christians? Come and explore with us what this means to live a missional life, in all the fullness of life that God intends.

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter: A Study in Ecclesiastes

Teachers: Tom Queen, Ryan Bowen

Class Period: May/June

For many, the book of Ecclesiastes is an enigma. What are we supposed to make of all this “vanity of vanities” and “there is nothing new under the sun” stuff? Is this book’s message really as discouraging as so many believe it to be? In this 9-week course, we will explore the key themes of the book of Ecclesiastes, and together see that underneath all the futility of the Preacher’s quest for meaning, he found an answer that is, in the words of Martin Luther: “a mind full of cheerfulness and contentment with the will and dealings of God.”