Practicing the King’s Economy

Teachers: Drew Harris, Adam Dyer, Matt Taylor, Michael Richter, Grae Garrison

Class Period: Nov/Dec

Are you looking for a class on budgeting strategies? Well, this class may not be for you. However, if you are looking for ways to think about how and why you spend your money and what our Lord might think of our economic priorities, well this is the right place! Based upon the book “Practicing the King’s Economy,” we will examine some of the principles and practices for how our economics can align with the Lord’s.

Galatians: Living in line with the truth of the Gospel

Teachers: Caleb Standafer, Andrew Holmes, Ryan Bowen, Aaron Kees

Class Period: Nov/Dec

The book of Galatians is Paul’s loving and unapologetic correction to the church in Galatia as they had contorted the gospel by insisting that keeping the Old Testament ceremonial law was required for salvation.  Like many of Paul’s letters, Galatians reinforces the true Gospel and in many ways lays the foundation for the core tenets of Christian theology.  This corrective letter is an excellent resource for both believers and nonbelievers, as it challenges and encourages us to pursue the holiness that only unmerited grace provides the true freedom to pursue – please join us!