Sermon Reflections for September 2

We began a new sermon series this week on the book of Ruth.  In this, we should constantly be asking ourselves how we see the Redeemer at work.  Today, Pastor Tom introduced us to the book and gave us some interesting questions to reflect upon this week:

  • How do we get into and out of dark places?
  • How do you try to make it on your own rather than following the Lord’s path?
  • How might you be “in Moab” right now, or how might you be considering a sojourn in Moab?  In what way do you need to return to the Lord and his way?


  1. […] This past Lord’s day we began a new sermon series at Uptown on the book of Ruth. Pastor Tom preached a sermon introducing the book, and pastoral intern Jason Piteo composed some probing questions for reflection which can be found here.  […]

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