Living By Grace


“For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Christians are often confused about what it means to be saved by grace. Can we simply ignore the Law and its moral commands? What happens when we fail? Does God punish us?

If God is going to forgive us anyway what does it matter if we sin? In Christian circles there tend to be two opposing extremes. At one end are the Legalists who live as though they had to earn God’s favor by strict obedience. At the other are the Antinomians (which means “against the law”) who live as though their disobedience could never invite God’s fatherly displeasure.

These extremes might be easy to caricature, but how are we to faithfully live by grace? What is it to seek holiness without legalism, freedom without licentiousness? In this series, we will attempt to present a balanced biblical view of grace from the model of Sonship. Join us as we consider the doctrines of Union with Christ, Justification, Adoption, and Sanctification and find a grace that leads to the obedience of faith. For as the hymn says, “To see the law by Christ fulfilled, to hear His pardoning voice, changes a slave into a child and duty into choice.”