Discipleship/Officer Training

Core Curriculum of Discipleship

Uptown believes that discipleship training takes place in a variety of contexts within the life of the church, including the following:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group discipleship
  • Adult Sunday school classes
  • Life groups
  • Seminars
  • Retreats (men’s, women’s, and church-wide)
  • Officer training for elders and deacons

The starting point for discipleship is our Discipleship Training Manual, which includes the following tools to assist you and your discipleship mentor in walking through the transformation process.

**We encourage you to take this manual as a resource to start your own discipleship program.

The discipleship manual includes several important sections, which are outlined here:

A. Discipleship training process

  1. Stage 1: Commitment
    • Desire to be trained
    • Commit to training
  2. Stage 2: Evaluation
    • Understand where you are going
    • Understand where you are
    • Compile results on assessment summary form
  3. Stage 3: Training
    • Assigned to a mentor
    • Develop Action Plan
    • Record progress in the discipleship journal
    • Meet regularly with mentor
  4. Stage 4: Ministry
    • Involvement in ministry
    • Mentor evaluates progress in ministry
    • Develop new Action Plan and repeat process

Officer Training Manual

The Uptown Church officer training manual is meant to serve as the primary tool for our training course for officer nominees (elder and deacon). It is divided into twelve classes, each covering a substantial topic pertaining to calling, our church, or Reformed theology.

It aims to fulfill three primary functions:

1. Facilitate each training class. The materials are structured with analysis/discussion questions and templates to use as part of instruction.

2. Extensive resource for officer nominees. There is far too much material within each division to be covered in a one-hour class. It will be up to the instructor to determine what to highlight, using the aids provided as they see fit. The manual is, thus, also meant to serve as a comprehensive summary of doctrine pulled from multiple sources. It is required reading for officer candidates.

3. Future resource for ministry. It is our hope that this manual will also serve our officers well in ministry as a “one-stop shop” for preparing life group lessons, Sunday school classes, and so forth.

View our Officer Training Manual.