Membership Directory

Download the Membership Directory in PDF Format

Uptown Church Membership Directory

*Document is password protected for our church member’s security.  If you need the password to open this file, please email the church office at

Register for Access ACS

Where to Begin?

  • Click here to go the Access ACS webpage.
  • Under the “New User Login?,” you will type your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. Then click “FIND ME.”
  • If the information that you entered matches our membership database, then you will see congratulations note. Check the email account inbox with which you signed up. When you do so, you should receive a User Name and Password that you can use to sign into your new Access ACS account.
  • If the information that you entered does not match our membership database you will receive a message that says the site was unable to locate a record matching the information you provided. Please verify that the information you entered is correct and resubmit your request. If you are unable to register, contact us at 704.375.7355. Experiencing this kind of issue could mean that we have an incorrect email address for you, or that we have your name spelled incorrectly in our database. Please email Lisa Marie Ferguson, or call the church office, to verify the information that we have on file.
  • Once you have your log on information, you can return to the Access ACS Login page. When you are there, type in your User Name and Password and then click “Login.”

What You Will See

  • Overview Page – This page is a small overview of available items. You have an option to view your complete profile, your giving record, perform a quick member search. From the overview page, you can choose additional tabs.
  • Home Tab – Allows you to go to your overview page, view your complete profile (including your giving information), and/or view/edit your personal preferences.
  • Directories Tab – Allows you to view and/or print an online directory with or without pictures. Individual pictures are not available at this time. The directory database will only display family pictures. An option that includes individual pictures may become available in the near future.

Want to Know More?

For questions, comments, and concerns about Access ACS please contact Lisa Marie Ferguson (704.375.7355).

Download the Church Life App

Once you have created an account in Access ACS, you can download our Membership Directory app called Church Life. Click the link to download the app for iPhone or Android.  The Church Life App will allow you to view other Members and Regular Attendees contact information as well as their individual and family photograph.