Access ACS

Access ACS allows members of Uptown Church the ability to access their membership information online. You may also submit change requests related to your membership record through this program. Those requests will be verified by the office manager and updated in a timely manner. You are the only person who has the ability to view your own family’s profile. You will not be able to view another member’s personal information, nor will other members be allowed to view your personal information.

Access ACS Features

  • A profile that you can keep up-to-date
  • Your giving history
  • An up-to-date church directory
  • The ability to add individual and family pictures to the church directory

To use Access ACS, members and regular attendees must be listed in our database with a valid email address. If we do not have a current email address please contact Lisa Marie Ferguson to submit updated information.

Membership Directory Sign Up and Download

Access ACS Frequently Asked Questions