Preparing for Worship // February 4, 2018

Preparing for Worship // February 4, 2018

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For my entire career as a student, I have hated studying, but not because I hate learning. I really enjoy learning and engaging with new ideas or concepts. What I hate about studying is that you’re looking at the same concepts, ideas, and facts over and over again. It’s basically an exercise in reminding yourself what you’ve learned over the course of the semester. I would much rather write a paper where I can explore different facets of a concept without going over the same ideas repeatedly. But the best way to learn an idea or remember certain facts is by repeatedly going back to those same ideas over and over again until they are engrained in your head.

The same is true of my spiritual life. It’s easy to get tired of going back to the same ideas, the same teaching, the same areas of growth over and over and over again. But this is precisely how the Christian life works. When we struggle and fall into sin, the solution is hardly ever to learn a brand new idea. Rarely will some previously unknown doctrine bring an end to our wanderings and sin. Rather, what we need to is to return, time and time again, to the same law, the same grace, and the same love of the same God who already cares for us and calls us to Himself.

The thought of this sort of repetition may seem boring or exhausting. But the more we do it and the more we return to God and encounter His love, the more this repetition will no longer feel like a duty. It will cease to be the cleaning-the-house-for-the-tenth-time-this-week or fixing-again-the-same-leaky-faucet kind of ordinary and will become the type of ordinary that we associate with favorite past-times or sitting by the fire with a good friend. As we remind ourselves regularly of God’s love for us, we are reminding ourselves of the most beautiful truth in the world: a holy God has chosen to love sinful people. So as we come to worship this week to be reminded once again of the gospel, may we do so not with boredom or a sense of duty but out of the desire to return in love to a loving God.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:1-25
Sermon: Remember His Commandment Is to Love Him


Father of Mercies, In Thy Word (Traditional)
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Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
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I Will Offer Up My Life  (Matt Redman)
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Speak O Lord (Getty Music)
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Song of Preparation: Made to Worship (Chris Tomlin)
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Song of ResponseMy Jesus I Love Thee
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  1. Jamie Harrison says:

    Amen! I love the LORD and His Word. Me and my wife have had a very hard time the last couple years. After I answered a call to ministry and began preaching and teaching, we were both attached and condemned by the same people who voted and “signed to be ordained” I believe this fulfillment of scripture. We have almost lost everything and about to be homeless, our faith has been tested and tried. But God is good, I used to have trouble remembering a scripture now the Holy Spirit gives them to me. During some studies a few months ago I came upon The Mezuzah, (door post) the specific scroll I Believe is reffed to as the Book of the law, it was given to Moses to teach the people. It is written on a scroll placed in a box and hung on doorposts still today. The same words are written in Duet:6:4-9; 11:13-21, if you don’t know this already seek it out. We often miss the simplicity of His Word trying to do what we think He wants us too, He wants us to prepare our hearts to love Him, and ask Him to give us a new heart Jer: 31:31-34. He will restore and renew our inner tormoil and create a new creature. Instead of explaining anymore I ask that you seek His face, and ask Him to give one heart and one way, Jesus is going to appear at any moment He already stands to judge the Earth, the gifts of the spirit are pouring out upon us but so many have corrupted the teachings many people cannot except them and because of the unbelief there potential lies dormant. My heart hurts not because of the struggles I’m facing among spiritual persecution, my heart hurts for the many that have never truly known the Love of YHWH

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