“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Matthew 24:14

Uptown’s Missions Committee is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all of the church’s missions endeavors in order to further Uptown’s vision of sharing Christ across the US and around the world. The committee is made up of a variety of individuals from Uptown who are united by a common thread: a passion for global missions. The committee joyfully serves the church body by stewarding its financial resources, identifying and recommending support candidates, caring for full-time missionaries both in the field and during furlough, and fostering missions awareness within the congregation through prayer, coordination with life groups and church members who are interested in missions, and short-term trips. The committee is an integral part of Uptown’s broader role in advancing the kingdom and propagating Christ-centered churches in the US and around the world.

+ Our activities

The committee is active year-round, and its scope of activities includes the following:

  • Monthly meetings
    • Pray for missionaries
    • Interview missionaries
    • Work on various initiatives
  • Communicating with missionaries
  • Recommendations to Uptown’s Session for support candidates / needs
  • Hospitality for visiting missionaries
  • Congregational communication
    • Weekly missionary updates
    • Monthly prayer guides
  • Short-term mission trips
  • Coordination of life group missionary programs
  • Financial stewardship
  • Special projects

+ Our Missionaries

We currently support 36 missionary families in 17 countries around the world who are focused on a variety of ministries: Uptown Missionary Map 

+ 2016-2017 Short Term Mission Trips


  • Greece – June 2016
  • Granada, Spain – June 2016
  • Middle East – October 2016


  • Bronx, NY – Uptown Youth – July 2017
  • The Asian Crescent – July 2017
  • Greece – November 2017

Contact Information

Daniel McNamee    Email: uptownmissions@gmail.com