Life Groups

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers”
Acts 2:42

Life Groups are Uptown’s community groups that meet in people’s homes all over charlotte on many nights of the week for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.  We have selected 1 Peter 4:8-10 as the key verses for this year’s groups.  It is our prayer that God would use life groups to develop deep Christ-centered family relationships in which we can keep loving, show hospitality and serve one another.


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+ Are Uptown Church's life groups broken up by age or stage?

No, we do not divide groups into young adults, young married couples, families, etc.  Instead we like to allow groups to form naturally hoping that each group will reflect a cross section of our congregation.  While not every group is perfectly balanced, we have found the variety of ages and stages in a life group to be a definite benefit to the whole group. 
Each group is structured a bit differently based on the leader’s vision for the group. However, the main elements of all Uptown Church life groups are Bible study, fellowship and prayer.

+ How do I choose a life group? (things to consider)
Day of week- First, you should consider, what days of the week work best for you.  We think this is a key question because we think that consistency is key to the success of life groups. So, narrow down the groups by considering which days will not regularly work with your schedule, and which days would work the best.

Location-Second, consider what life groups meet in a location that is a viable option for your regular attendance. Although there are options around the city, where you live, work, and/or are willing to travel affects which group(s) you should consider.  Although groups in locations that are close to home or work are likely the best option, you can always travel to find the right group.

Visit-we suggest narrowing down the options to 2-3 groups you would like to visit, visiting them and then committing to a group as soon as you can. The School year goes quickly, so we would hate for you to find the perfect group just before they go on break for the summer.

+ What should I do before attending a group?
Look up the contact information of the leaders and contact them covering the following:

-Make sure they are meeting the night you are planning to attend.

-Introduce yourself so they know to be on the look out for you.

-Get their exact address.

Other things:

-Pray for God to bless your visit with that group of people.

-Jump in, get to know people and allow them to get to know you.

+ Do Uptown Church life groups meet year round?
Most of our groups meet from September to May. Many groups launch around the time of our church wide community picnic and then finish up for the year around Memorial Day.   While it is not mandatory to take the summer off we have found that is right for most groups because travel schedules and activities make it hard for most people to attend regularly over the summer, and we think consistency is a big part of the success of a life group.

+ What if I have questions?
If you have questions do not hesitate to reach out to Dave Kulp our pastor over life groups (


Contact Information

Associate Pastor, Dave Kulp

Email:    Phone: 704.564.8184