Getting Ready for Sunday :: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, February 17

Lost Sheep - Sadao Watanabe

“The Good Shepherd” – Sadao Watanabe (1975)

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We continue in our series preaching through the book of Jeremiah. Often known as the “Weeping Prophet,” Jeremiah’s entire life was one of prophesying God’s wrath and displeasure on Israel if they did not turn from their sin, and he never knew the joy of seeing them relent and restored. He was a lone voice of prophetic truth, a faithful shepherd, surrounded by wolves and liars. One of God’s criticisms of Israel was that she listened to the voices of faithless leaders who would lead her away from him, and ignore the voices of faithful leaders such as Jeremiah. Jeremiah would declare that Israel should repent and turn to the Lord, and the false prophets would say “You don’t need to repent!” Israel, with her itching ears was much happier to hear this word of comfort, true or not.

As we prepare for worship, let’s consider who has our ear. Jesus is the good shepherd, and his sheep know his voice.


Scripture: Jeremiah 11:1-13:17

 Sermon: “Follow the Covenant Keeping Leader”


A Mighty Fortress is Our God
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Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken

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Give Us Clean Hands
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Offering: Christian Dost Thou See Them
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Song for the Supper: Communion Hymn (Hiram Ring)

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Song of Response: The Church’s One Foundation (arr. Brian Moss)

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