Getting Ready For Sunday: How to Prepare for Worship at Uptown, August 17th, 2014


Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35
Sermon: Forgiving One Another


God Be Merciful to Me  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Oh How Good It Is (Gettys)
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By Our Love (arr. Christy Nockels)
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Song of Preparation: Depth of Mercy (arr. Red Mountain Music)
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Song for the Supper: The Feast (arr. Karl Digerness)
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Song of Response: Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive (arr. Rosamond E. Herklots)
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Our view (call it the Reformed view) is that the bread and wine are emblems or 
symbols of the real, literal body of Christ that was crucified in history and 
today is in heaven at the Father’s right hand. But we believe that there is a 
real feeding on Christ spiritually by faith – not on his physical body, but on 
his real, spiritual presence. And even though a believer can nourish himself 
any time and anywhere on the presence of Christ in his word, there is a 
special nourishing offered in eating the Lord’s Supper and hearing the 
preaching of God’s word.
– John Piper