Consider Making Uptown Your Home

Having you been attending Uptown as a visitor and you’re ready to take the steps towards membership?  If so, read the information below about our membership process and Inquirer’s Class.  Also, take the time to look at the different ministries that Uptown provides to aid in your growth.  Finally, we want you to get involved and use the gifts that God has given you!  Look at the different areas in the church where you can serve and get plugged in!  If you have any questions about the membership process, please email the Office Manager.

+ Consider Membership

If you have been a regular attender at Uptown for some time, then you may be ready to consider membership.  If that is the case, we would love for you to learn more about Uptown and what we believe.  We offer an Inquirer’s Class three times annually for anyone considering membership, in September, February, and May.  The two-day class is the best place to learn about Uptown’s values, beliefs, and goals. It’s an excellent class for the inquirer as well as a requirement for those pursuing membership.

Topical discussions such as:

Where Did We (Uptown) Come From?

What Is a Christian?

What Do We Believe?

Why the Church?

What is the vision and mission of Uptown Church?
Times: Friday evening 7-9 PM and Saturday morning 9 AM-Noon
To Register: RSVP to the church office by email or phone
Call the office at 704 375 7355 or email
Once the class is over, your membership application will be due.  After applications are reviewed, an elder will be assigned to meet with you for an interview.  At the monthly session meeting, applicants will be approved and will be ready for installation at a scheduled Sunday morning service.

+ Engage In Ministries Designed To Help You Grow

Take the time to get involved or become apart of the following ministries:
Mentoring Groups- for men and women
Men’s and Women’s Bible studies

+ Find Places To Use Your Gifts In Service

God has given each of us an abundance of gifts to use for his glory in furthering the kingdom on Earth.  Use the gifts that God has given you to get involved in one or more of the ministries at Uptown.
The roadies are the backbone of Sunday morning at Uptown.  They come to church early to help get the building ready for all the attenders.  Between setting up Adult Ed. classrooms and making sure the sanctuary is clean, the roadies do it all!  If this is an area you would like to serve, contact James DeBoer.
Do you enjoy striking up conversations with people you don’t know?  Perhaps the welcome team would be perfect for you! Members of this team welcome visitors and regular attenders as they walk through the church doors.  For many visitors, welcome team members are the first people they see!  If interested, please contact RJ Clouse.
Uptown’s nursery is ever-growing! As one of the biggest area of volunteer needs, it takes over 60 volunteers each Sunday to allow the nursery to work at full capacity.  If you love spending time with the babies, or want more practice with kids, then this is the spot for you!  Reach out to our Nursery Coordinators.
The children are such a vital part of the church.  Teaching and growing up children in the gospel is both something so enjoyable and necessary.  If you love to teach kids ages 4 through 5 grade then there are ample amounts of opportunity for you to serve.  Contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinators, if interested.
Members of the worship team are gifted in so many different ways!  Whether you want to participate vocally, help with sound or play an instrument, there is certainly a spot for you.  Our Worship Director, Jeremy Goodwyne, would be eager to know if you desire to serve the church through the worship team.
Hospitality Team:
Do you feel as though God has given you the gift of hospitality?  Then help us love and serve the church and its people through that gift!  The hospitality team helps out with a few major events that go on at the church each year, along with emergency situations like funerals.  Contact Event Coordinator, Cheryl Anne Butts, if you would like to know more about using your gifts in this way.
Sunday Morning Bagel Team:
Aside from being delicious, bagels are a major part our our Sunday morning fellowship!  Our bagel team gets our bagels, juice and coffee setup so other attendees can enjoy a snack (or breakfast) while engaging in fellowship and conversation with others.  Get in touch with Joseph Tan if you would like to help out.
Meals Ministry:
 If you love to cook and provide others with delicious meals, join our meals team! Uptown seeks to provide meals for families who have recently had babies or are going through a hard time. If God has gifted you in this way, join the meals team!

+ Make Sure We Have Your Contact Information

At Uptown we seek and desire to get to know each individual.  An easy way that you can help us achieve this end is by providing your contact information.  During Sunday morning service you will have the opportunity to fill out a “visitor card”.  Please take the time to do this so we are aware of your visit.  Also, provide as much information as you feel comfortable, this will help us get in touch with you and have your contact information on file.

Within Uptown, our church-wide communication is mainly done through an Email of the Week.  This email is full of our latest church announcements and updates.  We recommend that you sign-up for this email to be aware of all the announcements and volunteer opportunities within the Uptown community.

Sign up for the Uptown Email of the Week here.