Confess Your Complacency and Ask for Awe

Why is it so easy to become enamored with people from history like Jackie Kennedy? Why are people drawn to cultural explosions like “Hamilton”? Why is it so easy to talk about football? Last night Tom Ellis led our life group through a study of Colossians 1:15-23 which led to our asking ourselves some of […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 10.15.17

What things from your past and from your present (both inward thoughts/desires and outward actions) make you feel as if God could never use you? In what specific ways is God calling you both to walk in holiness and keep your charge? In other words, what sins do you need to put to death and […]

Preparing for Worship // October 15, 2017

Preparing for Worship // October 15, 2017

(Email subscribers: Click the title above to view the Spotify playlist) When I was in high school I felt about Shakespeare the way that most high school boys feel about Shakespeare: I thought it was boring, confusing, and had no relevance to my life. But over time my feelings about Shakespeare have changed. I have since […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 10.08.17

What images and ideas come to mind when you think of the church (both negative and positive)? Do you think of the church as a growing and secure city of worship? How can you live your life this week with a greater awareness of God’s presence with you and with His church? How have you […]

Preparing for Worship // October 8, 2017

Preparing for Worship // October 8, 2017

(Email subscribers: Click the title above to view the Spotify playlist) “Hell is other people.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre Other people make our lives difficult. They get in our way, keep us from getting what we want, and sometimes actively work against us. Sadly, this is true of the church as well. While I hope that you […]

Are Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther? A Response to the Recent Pew Study (Part 1)

Mark Twain once quipped, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Ah statistics.  They can be very helpful. Or very misleading.  And much of it depends on how the questions are asked. Last week it was announced that a new Pew foundation study demonstrated that modern Protestants are a lot less […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 10.01.17

How are you tempted to think that life will be better without God? Where has your heart wandered from God? What occupies first place in your heart: work, comfort, family, or something else? When in your life have you felt as if God had abandoned you? What in your life and the world right now […]

Preparing for Worship // October 1, 2017

Preparing for Worship // October 1, 2017

(Email subscribers: Click the title above to view the Spotify playlist) There’s something special about coming back home after a trip. Whether it was for vacation or work, whether it was enjoyable or a headache, it’s always a special feeling when you see the Charlotte skyline and you know that you’re almost home. There’s even something […]

Adoption Resources

Following up from two Sunday’s ago sermon on adoption, I wanted to share some resources with you all. Resources mentioned in the sermon: Song: Richly Loved by Wright Family Music (Free download) This is the song written by a couple which powerfully displays trust in the love our heavenly father in spite of heartbreaking circumstances […]

Sermon Reflection Questions – 09.24.17

How can you see God at work in your life over the past year? (even in a small way) How are the roots of your heart growing deeper into the Gospel and Christ? How have you ignored Christ’s call to flee sin and pursue holiness? (be specific) Are you fighting sin in your own power […]