Expanding The Kingdom: The Purpose of Church Planting

Teachers: Dean Faulkner

Class Period: March/April 2017

Are you curious about church planting? Do you want to explore living on the cutting edge of faith in mission? Do you want to learn practical ways to share your faith and serve in a mission? The curious and the called are encouraged to join the Ballantyne Mission plant class where we will look at the mission of Christ in the Gospels and Acts. We will also spend time being equipped to do ministry together in things like: evangelism, prayer, spiritual gift discernment, and vision of the church plant. Come and see how God is working in Uptown’s next plant.

Restoring The Joy of Your Salvation (Men’s Class)

Teachers: Bill Macurda and Craig Paddock

Class Period: March/April 2017

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions spiritually? Does growing in your faith get lost somewhere in the long list of excelling at work, leading and serving your family, spending time with friends, dating, exercising more, watching sports, enjoying a few hobbies, saving more money, serving the church, paying the bills, etc. Is spending more time with Jesus just another task you approach with a project management mindset? Are you more comfortable with a spreadsheet than God’s word? Do you identify with David when he says “restore to me the joy of my salvation”, but you have no idea where to start with that? Join us in this Men’s Sunday School class as we study how to re-kindle the joy of our salvation and delight once again in our Savior Jesus Christ.

None Like Him (Women’s Class)

Teachers: Various

Class Period: March/April 2017

Do you every struggle with wanting to do everything, be everywhere, know everything, and be firmly in control of your life? Do you experience frustration with your limitations? The good news is that our limitations are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone. Come and join us for a Women’s Sunday School class as we study and learn about God’s character. As we gain a greater understanding of who He is, we’ll be transformed to live with greater trust, freedom, and joy.

To Charlotte and The Ends of The Earth: God’s Passion for Missions

Teachers: Missions Committee

Class Period: January/February 2017

Despite what we’d like to think, the call to missions isn’t for the “Green Berets” or Christian elites, but for “ordinary” Christians like you and me. So, how does God use ordinary people both at home and abroad to build his Kingdom? How can you create and cultivate a “missions” vision for your family? This class will explore a variety of topics about biblical and contemporary missions, taught by members of Uptown’s Missions Committee, with the goal of laying a firm foundation for a comprehensive missions worldview. We’ll discuss God’s passion for missions and how we at Uptown can faithfully respond to His calling.

Gospel-Centered Relationships: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change

Teachers: Dave Latham and Interns

Class Period: January/February 2017

As Christians we are called to engage with those around us but it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Where do I start? How can I possibly help others when my own spiritual life is a wreck (or stuck in neutral)? How can I possibly help others change when I myself need change? In this class, we will use the book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp to see how God uses people like us to build and grow Gospel-centered relationships for the glory of Christ and the good of the church.

Takin’ Care of Business: How the Gospel Affects Purpose and Productivity

Teachers: Dave Kulp and Michael Richter

Class Period: November/December 2016

Whether you work in an office building or stay at home with the kids, God has called you to be productive with the life He has given you. So much has been written about productivity from a secular point of view, but what exactly does being productive mean from a Christian perspective? This course will discuss the spiritual principles behind God-centered productivity and provide practical tools to help you be more productive. Whether you spend more time with spreadsheets or in carpool lines we hope this class will be beneficial in your quest to glorify God in the purposeful calling he has placed on your life.

Progress as Pilgrims: How the Puritans encourage us in our Faith

Teachers: Tom Queen

Class Period: November/December 2016

When you think of what a Puritan is, what comes to mind? Stern? Killjoys? Hawthorne’s Dimmesdale? In this class we will seek to introduce you to that group of people called Puritans who, contrary to popular belief, were warm-hearted, Christ-loving, joy-seeking people despite the many “losses and crosses” that they faced. Join us as we explore some old paths, and find along them rest for our souls (Jeremiah 6:16).

Because He First Loved Us: Looking at Dating From a Biblical Perspective

Teachers: Jim Vaughn, Wade Savant, Braden Benson

Class Period: September/October 2016

Let’s not kid ourselves; dating is hard. Between the frustrations that often come in developing relationships, the difficulties of the world’s pressure on those who are dating, or the terror of parenting your kids into the dating age, there is no simple way to examine dating relationships. In this class we’ll seek to understand better who God is and how that can apply to our dating relationships, what the Bible has to say about relationships, how to parent young boys and girls as they begin to date, and more. So, join us as we explore this difficult topic and look to God’s word to direct our relationships.

What’s Your Worldview?

Teachers: Mike Kruger and Tom Queen

Class Period: September/October 2016

Christians increasingly find themselves in a world filled with ideas and beliefs that are at odds with their own. There are a myriad of different “worldviews” that stand against the Christian worldview, whether it be atheism, naturalism, pluralism, pantheism, or even other religions like Islam. If you want to understand these worldviews better, and how to better reach your non-Christian friends who follow them, then come join us for this important class. We will be using the book “What’s Your Worldview?” by James Anderson, professor at RTS.

Rest In The Midst of Running

Teachers: Tom Queen

Class Period: September 4, 2016

As our lives get busier, how do we find rest? More importantly, how does the Lord hold out rest for those who take seriously the command that, in all that we do, we are to work heartily (Colossians 3:23)? As we start a new year, join us as we look at how the Lord offers rest to us in our labors, and how to avoid the restlessness and anxiety that plagues our culture today.

Examining the Letters of 1 & 2 Peter

Teachers: Mark Bass and Bill Macurda

Class Period: July/August 2016

In our culture today, Christians face many different trails and hardships. In the books of 1 & 2 Peter, we see that those who persevere in faith while suffering persecution should be full of hope, for they will receive the reward of salvation in the end-times. Peter teaches us in his two letters how we are to enjoy God’s saving grace in our present sufferings, while remembering what Christ has done for us in His death and resurrection. In this class, we will examine how the grace of God in Christ truly transforms and strengthens Christians to live in the face of opposition, especially in a culture where persecution is becoming a daily battle.

OBSESSED: What are the topics driving our culture crazy and why?

Teachers: Forde Britt, Ryan Bowen, Chris Van Roekel, and Will Brisley

Class Period: July/August 2016

Our culture is OBSESSED and in so many different ways. Even as Christians, we find ourselves just as drawn in as the world around us whether it is Sports, Beauty, Technology, or a host of others. What drives us to become this way? Why are we so deeply drawn in to these different avenues and held there, often without even realizing it? The Gospel has plenty to say about the what and the why and show us a way forward. Join us for this 9 week class to explore where you’ve become obsessed and how to move beyond the obsession.

Life Together: Caring for Others as Christ Cares for Us

Teachers: Jon Levy and Grae Garrison

Class Period: May / June 2016

The world is a crazy place and life can be really hard. But God has promised to take care of his people. One of the main ways he does that is through his call for those in the Church to take care of each other. Our culture tells us that the response to a hard life should be to work harder to make it on your own or to give up and live like the world. God calls us to be both different from the world and to depend on one another through the trials of life. This class will explore what it looks like to take care of each other as we live the Christian life together.

Taking Back ‘Christianese’: Challenging the Most Common Ways We Talk About Our Christian Faith

Teachers: Mike Kruger and Tom Queen

Class Period: May / June 2016

“Just ask Jesus into your heart.” “God told me…” “It’s not my place to judge.” In the Christian world we use phrases like this (and many others) but often are confused about what they mean. And sometimes, phrases we use are theologically and biblically mistaken. This class will survey nine of the most misused and misunderstood Christian phrases, helping us think more clearly and biblically about the way we talk and think as Christians.

Men’s Retreat; February 2016

Teachers: Tom Hawkes; Wes Andrews; Dave Kulp

Class Period: February 2016

Although the struggle looks different for each man, most men struggle with anger. These lessons are designed to help you understand anger and to turn to Christ in the fight against anger.

For Better, For Worse: Understanding and Applying God’s Truth to Marriage

Teachers: Dave Kulp & Jeff Shook

Class Period: March / April 2016

Marriage is to be the most important of all human relationships. In fact, the relationship between husband and wife is so powerful and significant that when that relationship is going “better” it is a true blessing, and when it is going “worse” it affects everything else. In this class we will explore what God, who created and designed marriage, has to say about this relationship by looking at a number of foundational topics and issues. This class is intended to be helpful for those that are married, engaged or considering marriage in the future. A good marriage takes work, whether you would say things are going “better” or “worse” we hope you will join us.

What’s the Deal with Prayer?

Teachers: Dave Latham, Harrison Ford, and Andrew Newman

Class Period: March / April 2016

If we’re honest with ourselves we’ll admit that we are baffled by the thought of prayer. How is it supposed to work? How do I know if I’m doing it right? Does it actually accomplish anything or am I just talking to thin air? Many of us have started with a fresh resolve to pray regularly, only to give up after feeling frustrated and becoming more cynical. Let’s Face It: Prayer is hard and life is busy. This study is not designed to give you another set of concepts and rules for strengthening your prayer life. This study is not designed to “fix you” or to give you a spiritual checklist. It is designed to give you a safe place to discuss the topic of prayer with friends as we re-engage with a loving God by looking at A Praying Life (by Paul Miller) and building upon the recent sermon series.

Defending the Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics

Teachers: Mike Kruger & Tom Queen

Class Period: January / February, 2016

How do we know that God exists? What reasons are there to trust the Bible? How do I defend Christianity to my unbelieving friends? If these are questions you are asking, or if you just want to understand more about why Christianity is true, then this is the class for you. Come learn a biblical framework for defending the faith, and also learn how to answer specific objections that are made to Christianity.

Kingdom-Centered Women

Teachers: Multiple

Class Period: January / February 2016

Day to day life can be full of many activities and opportunities vying for our attention. In the midst of busy lives, how do we live a life centered on Jesus and His Kingdom? This class will consider different aspects of life as a kingdom-centered woman. Topics will include: building community with others, fighting sin with vigilance, making wise use of our money, working with diligence, practicing hospitality, and offering our lives as living sacrifices. Please join us for this opportunity to grow with other women!

PureHope Conference 2015

Teachers: Dan Martin

Class Period: November 6-7, 2015

The purpose of this conference is to equip parents in our sexualized, digital age. We believe parents are the primary influencers of their children’s hearts. Thus, the goal is to provide parents the tools and information they need to guide their children in pursuing and navigating the challenges they face on a daily basis.